drones and the coldwater fire


The Coldwater Fire has burned over 5600 acres in the Coconino National Forest south of Clints Well and east of Route 87. The air attack coordinator flying on the Coldwater Fire Saturday spotted a drone within the Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) area and grounded the helicopter assigned to the fire until it was safe to resume any needed flying operations. It is illegal to operate a private drone near any wildfire. Drones near wildfires create a serious safety hazard for fire aircraft and result in aircraft being grounded immediately.

COC-NR-6-9-19-ColdwaterFireDroneIncursion (pdf)


Coldwater_8_5x11_map (pdf)


Dont fly drones near wildfires (pdf)


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improved ISO rating

 We have great news to report regarding our  reclassification efforts with the Fire Insurance Service Organization.   We have an improved fire protection classification of 4 that takes  effect August 1st of 2015.   The Fire District has been at a 5 for many years and now that our  staffing model, training and records management, water delivery  infrastructure, communications and relationships with our neighboring  firefighting communities to include the Forest Service have improved,  you have the opportunity to reduce your fire insurance premium.  See the  official letter below. 

iso_letter_dated_04-27-15 (pdf)