burn permit

 Each Forest Lakes property owner is required to have a current Burn Permit prior to having a campfire or burning debris within the subdivision.  Stop by the fire station during office hours to submit your permit application and arrange for a property inspection by FLFD personnel.

Permits must be renewed annually. Please call 928-535-4644 or email renewal request to info@flfdaz.com or stop into the office at 1508 Merzville Road M-F 8am to 4pm to renew your prior year Burn Permit. 

 You Must Call the FLFD Office during business hours @ 928-535-4644 “PRIOR” to burning debris.  The debris fire must be fully extinguished by 4pm daily.

It is NOT necessary to call prior to having a campfire.  Campfires shall not exceed 3 feet in diameter.

Burn Permits will NOT be renewed during Fire Restrictions and/or Red Flag advisories. Thank you!    

FLFD Burn Permit 2019 (pdf)