Board of Directors

Leadership Team

The Forest Lakes Fire District leadership team consists of five board members plus the Fire Chief,

who is hired by the board. Board members are elected by the residents of the District, and serve 4-

year terms.

FLFD is a political subdivision of the State of Arizona and is subject to the Arizona Revised Statutes

(ARS). The Fire Board has the ultimate responsibility for the protection of life and property within

the District boundaries. It oversees the organization of the fire district and its operations to assure

compliance with all ARS provisions and make such recommendations as are necessary for the

efficient operation of the fire district. The day-to-day operations of the District are managed by the

Fire Chief.

Candidates for office must be registered voters of Coconino County and the fire district. Residents

interested in board membership who are not registered to vote in Coconino County will need to

switch their registration. 

Current Board Members